July 24, 2015

My Fairy Tale Story..

Ever since I was a little girl, I've always dreamed of a tall, dark, handsome man who will sweep me of my feet and we will live happily ever after. And as I got older, I kept my eyes wide opened for that one special man who is to be my Price Charming. I even have a list of criteria that the One should have. Truth be told, the list grew longer and longer at every failed guy that crossed my radar. I was very determined to find that one Perfect Man for me. 

Meeting Rockstar during university was like a game of strategy and wits. It wasn't a love at first sight that most girls dream off. He infuriated me, confused me, even made me doubt myself. I was the girl in the Student Council, head of my lecture class, actively involved in events and societies. He was the total opposite. He was the cool guitarist musician skipping class long-haired scruffy rocker. Watching us was like watching a pair of fighters dance around a fighting ring. But what happened was definitely a act of God. He brought us together amidst all the circumstances and differences. 

After Rockstar proposed to me, I went through a time of doubt. I kept wondering if He was the right one for me. He did not meet all the criteria on my Prince Charming list. I love him but kept wishing if only he could be a little bit more perfect. I did get over my doubt eventually but it took some time of humbling myself before God and trusting Him.

Nine years down the road, I am proud to say that choosing to be with Rockstar is one of the best decisions of my life. I did not know it at that time. If I had stayed blinded by my head-in-the-stars romantic fairy tale dream, I would have missed the chance of a happily ever after. And that is a scary thought. 

I now know that Prince Charming comes in different sizes.There is no one size fits all. If I have waited for a prefect guy, I would still be waiting now. A perfect guy does not appear like in the fairy tales. Me and my perfect guy bring the fairy tale alive together.

Rockstar completes me. Even after all this years, I am constantly reminded that I have actually found the one for me. We may not be perfect but that's the magic of it all. And yes, my Prince Charming and I will keep continue creating our own happily ever after together. 

Baby Bump photo for Week 25

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