July 17, 2015

life lately... in U.S.

So friends back home have been asking what have I been up to lately. And I am so super excited to share about how super boring my life is. :p Here are some picture taken recently.  

I attended the July 4th Celebration at Gaithersburg as per my previous blog post. Its exciting but kinda weird sitting there all by my self . 
I got a new phone cover for only $2 from a nearby mall.. Love it when I find pretty things this cheap. Oh, and that's french toast in a cup. 

I went to this Southern Indian buffet after church service on Sunday. The curries are amazeballs.
Myy first ever chicken pie. I started baking and cooking more to past time.

Lemon Herb Garlic Baked Fish. First trial and it turned out yums.. 
Belacan shrimp and long beans. Taste like home. 
I need more guinea pigs to try my cooking. Any volunteers? 

Been making smoothies lately...especially grape smoothie 'cos grapes are cheap here. 
Bak Kut Teh noodles! Don't look appetizing but its surprisingly good. The slow cooker made the meat so tender. 

Krispy Kreme celebrated its 78th anniversary last week and for the 2nd dozen donuts, you'll only pay 78cents. I gave in to advertising and got myself 2 dozens of the original glazed donuts. Sugar overdosed that week!

Been catching up on my reading lately. Found a quiet nook at home to cosy up with a good book, snacks and a cup of tea. 
View from my room window. On days when it it not raining, the evening sun cast a golden shine to the tree leaves. 

I baked banana cake. First trial too.. *many firsts for me*. Recipe was  easy and cake turned out good. Yay!

I tried the almond tart from the famous Stella Bakery in Rockville. Its good but not worth paying the price for it. 
Attended a baby shower last weekend. Enjoyed meeting the creative people who pulled everything together. 


Been watching my diet lately and eating way healthier, Hence the number of photos on food. Yes, I do take picture of everything I eat and record them down. I'm crazy like that. 

That's all for now. Follow me on IG for more updated news :) Till then.. 

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