September 10, 2013

Top 4 Must Visit in Tokyo : Ginza, Shinjuku, Taito & Harajuku

Tokyo is so fascinating. Rockstar and I love it there. I can't explain just how lights, people, buildings there are. You've got to see them yourself. So if you are planning a trip there, here's my top 4 spots that you MUST NOT miss in Tokyo. 

No.1 Ginza
Ginza which means 'Silver Mint' is the upscale part of Tokyo and consists of high end fashion shops and brands. Just imagine our Starhill in an long open air street that stretch for about a mile and on a much grander scale. Everything in Japan seems to be bigger and better :) Most of the high end brands have an entire building for themselves. There was this cool watch outlet somewhere in the middle of the stretch that has small little display of different brands showcasing their products on the ground floor. And if you are interested, you can just hit the button and the entire display, you and the floor moves up towards the main brand shop located on a different floor. How cool is that? 

No.1 Shibuya
Shibuya is a sight itself. Just stand at a corner of the fame 5 junction crossroads and wait for the red light. You'll understand what it means by sea of people. If you don't have enough time, just go at night as there will be more people than. Lots of love hotels around that area if you want to spend a night there. 

No. 3 Taito (Ueno & Asakusa)
The heart of Old Tokyo. Get off Ueno Station and started walking towards Asakusa. So many sights to see. If walking is not your thing, get a cab as its quite a long walk. Don't miss the temple - Sensoji and its surrounding shopping streets and quaint little alleys. 

No.4 Harajuku
Actually Harajuku is under the same district as Shibuya and its walking distance to Shibuya Shopping District. However, it deserve a mention on its own. Its a shopping mecca. They have a 4-6 storeys H&M & Forever 21!! And if American brands are not for you, skip the main street and walk Takeshita Street. Narrow street filled with people and all kinds of fashion. There's where you'll spot Japan street fashion is all its colours.  If you have time, walk through Yoyogi Park and Meiji Jingu Shrine. We did spot wedding couples in traditional outfits, little kids on the way to the temple and giant chrysanthemum flowers. 

These are just small part of what Tokyo has to offer but if you are short of time, this 4 is a must see, must do, must experience in my books. What do you think? Any other suggestions? 

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