September 18, 2013

The Magic of Notre Dame, Paris

I just got back from an amazing trip to Ho Chi Minh. 7 days seems pretty long but Rockstar and I really did enjoy the city. It's our 1st year anniversary! Time flies so fast. I still remember what I did 1 year ago. 

We were in Paris on our honeymoon. It was on the 2nd day that we found out a close childhood friend, Jon was in the neighbourhood and since he didn't have a place to crash before his flight the next day, we offered him the floor of our honeymoon suite. Awkward you might think, but he is a good friend and best of all, we had a free dinner, tour guide for an entire day and a free post-wedding photographer. 

For dinner that night, he brought us to Notre Dame to see the night scene and enjoy the gypsies offerings. It's so fascinating! The streets were filled with all kinds of people - buskers, gypsies, food sellers, waiters, hobos, foreigners, locals and travellers. Different from other parts of Paris, yet feels so french at the same time. 

It was a 3 course meal and J managed to cajole the maitre to throw in a free glass of wine each. Food was averagely good but the company was better. Sitting at our table just by the sidewalk, sipping our wine, and watching the streets hum and buzz with life. It feels so surreal, like I was in a movie. From eating escargot to some French desserts, to watching the matires hawk their food and buskers prancing around for some coins, seems like the whole city (or Notre Dame area at least) comes to life at night. I'm not sure if is the cheap wine working its magic but part of me could just imagine Esmeralda dancing her way just around the corner. 

We ended the night with chocolate banana crepe, which seems to be the rage in Paris and a stroll opposite the road to the impressive looking Notre Dame Cathedral - looking so beautiful and intricate and peaceful. Such a beautiful night!

I couldn't ask for a better company. Thanks Jon for the dinner and the photos and your company :)

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