September 24, 2013

Post-Wedding and Honeymoon Photoshoot in Paris

As mentioned in my previous post, we offered the floor of our honeymoon suite to a good childhood friend who was in Paris and in returned, we got so much more. He graciously took absolutely gorgeous pictures for us as we wandered the streets and attractions of Paris. And as I was preparing to write this post, I decided to use his pictures instead. So this post is dedicated to Jonathan Lim, for graciously taking our photos. It really brings back good memories. All photos below are taken by him except stated otherwise.

After a really good breakfast at the hotel, we started at the Eglise De La Madeleine, because that's near our hotel. Sadly, the whole place was under construction and we could only take pictures from afar.

Then we headed across the road to the famous Laduree for macaroons. They have so much varieties and their desserts and pastries are so tempting. 

Then we walked down Rue Royale, which munching on macaroons and peeping into famous brands and boutiques. It really is impressive, with its straight lines and tall trees. 

We arrived at the Place de la Concorde and took lots of pictures and funny poses with the gold-tipped Obelisque. The story here is that 1300 people died here between 1793 and 1795 including Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette. I shall not bore you further with history lesson. 

Then we took a long stroll up the majestic, broad tree-lined Champs de Elysees. Stopping just for some photoshoots and people watch. We passed by The Grand Palais and The Petit Palais and decided to keep it for another adventurous day.

We passed by a huge gate with a long tree lined pathway, guarded by 3 hot looking guys and assumed that it was a secret club or something. But as we wandered up the peaceful garden and arrive at an atrociously designed front entrance, we realized that we have arrived at the infamous Abercrombie and Fitch. Inside is dark, with latest tunes banging from the speakers, smell of aftershave and hot looking male and female models walking around makes it feels more like a club then a store. Of cos, I couldn't resist taking a picture with the topless male model. :p

We headed up Champs de Elysees again, passing by huge brands and small cafes and arrived at the Arc de Troimphe. It's an impressive sight. But avoiding tourists and trying to take a decent picture requires patience and skills. This behemoth is build as a homage to the armies of France. 

We took the underpass to the center of the Arc, paid an entrance fee and proceeded to climb up the winding steps to the top. Not for the faint-hearted as you can get dizzy going round and round. :)

But the sight on top is simply amazing. Arc de Troimphe seats in the middle of the Charles de Gaulle and its also known as I'Etoile (star) because it has 12 straight avenues radiating out from it 

*photo taken by me. Sorry for the slant.It was hard enough being short and that I had to tiptoe and stick my head betweeen the barriers to take a decent shot. 

*photo taken by me
A pictures that Jon managed to capture of Montmartre and the Sacre-Coeur and I am posting it up because we spend half our honeymoon there hold up in a tiny Parisian apartment. More on that in future posts.

A subway ride back to the hotel because we were too tired to walk further. We had a good time with Jon. Thanks again for the great pictures. If you want to view more, click here

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