September 13, 2013

Eating & Staying in Japan is affordable

A lot of people come to me and say that travelling to Japan is expensive which can be true in terms of the transport. Their MRT/Trains are super expensive and could cost about RM10+ between 1 station. My suggestion (if you are planning to travel quite a bit) is to buy the Japan Rail Pass. You can get it easily from a few travel agents here locally for about RM1000+ depending on exchange rate. Thats high for you? Well, a gauge is that for a bullet train ride between osaka and tokyo costs about RM900+. So its definately worth if you are planning to travel around Japan. 

Besides the expensive transportation, food and accommodation is actually quite reasonable. I stayed in both Tokyo and Osaka for about a week and most of the time, we had the Japanese fast food meal - Yoshinoya & Sukiya. Each meal is about 200-700yen (about RM8-25), and it comes with free soup sometimes and unlimited chilled water. Piping hot and freshly prepared right infront of you, its perfect for the cold weather. And I'm sure you spend more back here in Malaysia. 

A tip : Service there is fast and for smaller outlet, eat and go. Don't dawdle as others may need your seat/s. Bigger outlets with plenty of seats will be fine. 

As for staying in Japan, the cost for a decent 3 star hotel is about RM200-250. Although it can be small, but I'm sure most of the hotels it Japan have small rooms too. Some comes with breakfast some don't. Toilet and tub may be a tight squeeze but Japaneses have manages to make it quite efficient. 

 Best Western Hotel Fino Osaka Shinasaibashi

Hotel Route Inn Tokyo Asagaya

Japanese pyjamas anyone? 

And sadly, even though I didn't managed to visit Mount Fuji during the trip, I did get to see it. From my hotel room window. So gorgeous ain't it? 

Travelling to Japan can be affordable. You just got to know what you want to do and how. If you come and tell me that you want to stay in a nice place and eat nice food, then you just gotta save up more. Anyway, for those who are interested, I listed down my expenses for my Japan Trip here. Check it out :)

And with this, I end my travel log to Japan. Photos taken are either with my Sony Compact Camera or my Samsung W phone, hence not so good quality. 

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