August 26, 2013

Osaka : Day 3 - Den-Den Town, Dinner & Dessert

So after we left Osaka Aquarium, we started walking towards the train station. However, we got turned around and ended up walking the opposite direction. But it was OK because we did stop by for second-hand watches, peer into a small temple, walk passed a cemetery, had some street snacks, found a big Uniqlo outlet smack in the middle of nowhere and so much more. The sky was turning dark when found ourselves at Den-Den Town. Den-Den Town is almost like the Akihabara of Tokyo - the electronics city. It was definitely smaller scale comparatively. 

We walked the entire length of Den-Den Street and arrive at Doguyasuji. Their streets are connected. If you continue walking from Doguyasuji, you'll find yourself in Shinsaibashi and Dotonburi. Anyway, when we arrive at Doguyasuji, we decided to stop for dinner as it was getting late and colder. Since all we had the past days were just cheaper rice & meat, we decided to splurge on a slightly expensive meal. We found a nice looking restaurant, with a Japanese garden in the middle and smaller section off private dining area. Sadly, we were disappointed. The portion was small, and didn't taste that good. The bill came up to about RM100++. 

After dinner, we walked around more, exploring the side streets, narrowly avoiding expensive looking men in expensive looking suits, with a few expensively clad girls in his arms, surrounded by menacing men in suits entering closeup places. So exciting!! Just like the movies!!! I wondered what goes on behind close doors and am so very tempted to sneak in. Haha...fat chance ;p

Before we turned in for the night, we stopped for dessert... cos the desserts all look so pretty and I wanted to try them. It was so cold, yet I wanted ice-cream dessert -_-. But although it look pretty good, the dessert was just OK. It wasn't that sweet, just like everything in Japan. Hence wasn't tasty enough for me. But I did enjoyed it and it was worth paying for :) 

End of Day 3. Stay tune for more :)

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