August 29, 2013

Osaka, Japan : Walking the streets

Osaka is quieter and less to see as compared to Tokyo. Most of it falls within similar area and this makes it easier for us to travel. We started the day walking towards the high end street where we could see a lot of branded and well-known names. 

It's nice walking in Japan. The weather is so cooling and even though the sun is shining, you'll hardly feel the heat. We arrived at the hip area where there were quirky, tiny shops and graffiti walls and coolest things you can find. 

Check out this building. There is a wall climbing facility right in the middle. How cool is that?

We walked until it was dinner time and luckily we came upon this hidden Chinese Restaurant along a dark alley and decided to try. Best decision ever cos we had the best food ever!!! For the first time during the entire trip, we had piping hot, delicious, freshly cooked food. Not only that, the price was quite reasonable too. We will definately go back there if we have the chance. 

Stopped for some Japanese Pancake after dinner. Tasted like Takoyaki but denses and bigger version. 

Snapped this while sitting on the steps, waiting for Rockstar at a humongous, multilevel music store.

Yay!!! Kit Kat shopping. Got so many Green Tea Kit Kat and Dark Chocolate Kit Kat and so much more. All to bring back as souvenirs. 

A picture of Shinsaibashi, super packed with people. Last picture of Osaka before we headed back to Tokyo the next day. 

p.s. I didn't do much touristy stuff during my last trip to Japan. Preferring to just walk and see as much as I can and blend in with the locals. I didn't take much photos too. Sometimes I find I need to put the camera down and to just live in the present. It's not often that I travel back to places I've visited before. Hence, the lack of tourist spots' and photos :)

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