June 11, 2013

Sleep, Eat, Chill @ Ipoh

Just a week ago, I took a short trip to Ipoh. A last minute trip, but so worth it. Time spent with love ones, good food and lots of rest. 

Breakfast @ Restoran Foh San. Crowded, noisy and dim sum!!

Stayed at Tune Hotel (We are big fans, especially my dad). 

Wooden shutters. *duh*

Pretty cobwebs in a hole in the ground. 

Had dinner @ Restoran Public Pusing. -_-. I know, I had the same reaction when I saw the name. 
Just opposite Tune Hotel. Also crowded, noisy and with good chinese food. 

Makan angin @ Padang Malam. Colourful, interesting until the rain threatened to fall and we had to race walk back to the hotel. 

I was just about to snap a picture of the cart when this guy jumped into my frame and I ended up with a picture of this backside. -_-

Morning view from my room. So peaceful. 

Breakfast again. At some random coffee shop nearby. 

Short trip, but it gave me some time to chill, think, relax, read, stare at the fan, take pictures, sleep, eat and think more. 

*hmmmm, where should I go next?*

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