June 6, 2013

Poop Coffee

I was away a few days ago for a bit. Sometimes its good to go away and reflect on what matters..

Anyway, while in Bali, we had to go see the famous Luwak Coffee 'the most expensive coffee in the world'. We were brought to this agricultural place, managed by the government/ministry or so the signboard says and had a education walk through a garden growing with cocoa beans, flowers, and stuff that were medicinal, edible and good. *i can't recall the names* 

The civet cat, whose poop we share taste in a bit. They are fed a certain kind of food, which I can't recall too. This is what happens when you are so busily snapping away that you fail to listen to the tour guide. 

The poops are collected, dried, fried and grinded to become coffee powder. Yes, that's how the poop looks like and yes, they call them poop coffee too. 

At the end of the walk, we were given 14 different types of tea to taste and locally-made alcohol. There were all free of cause. 

Except for the Luwak Coffee, which cost IDR 50,000 or RM15. Not that pricey here but I know a place in Paradigm Mall that sells a cup for RM99. It tasted bitter, like burned coffee. Not my kind of thing, but worth the experience. 

Once a lifetime, not again. Not impressed by it. Can anyone enlighten me why is this the most expensive coffee in the world? 

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