December 31, 2010

No regrets

2010 is coming to an end.. And I'm sure everybody else will be blogging about how great their year have been and what they have done this year. Well, me too..

2010 have been a great year. I worked. I travelled. I eat. I slept. I bath. I shit. I shopped. I achieved. I loved. I dreamed. The end.

But before I end this year, I want to tell a story.

I had a lady who worked for me.. or my dad.. for the last 3 years. To me, she was almost family. Around Sept 2010, she left the company to settle some personal issues and planned to be back once its been settled. A week before Christmas, my mum received a call from her, crying because she found out that she is very sick. As I was very busy, I called her back only a couple of days before Christmas to find out that she was hospitalized and will be flying back to her hometown the next day. 3 days a go, I received a call informing me that she have passed away.

It happened so sudden and I was left with regret. If only I had called her earlier. If only I have visited her at the hospital. If only I have spend more time with her. If only... if only... And now I will never see her again. Regrets. Many. Sorrow.

Even as I enter the new year, I realized something. Life is short. It can just end anytime. And the sooner we realize that, the more meaningful and satisfiying our life will be.

There is so many things I wanna do. So many things I wanna try. So many dreams I wanna achieve. And this coming year - 2011, I promise myself that it will be a year of no regrets. A year of dreams. A year of living life to its fullest.

And yes, 2010 is coming to an end. As Rockstar is away playing at a gig to hundred of screaming girls, I parked myself in front of the TV, with my family, having a massage and considering putting on a mask. Bliss!! What a fantastic end to year 2010..

Will see you all next year..

Happy New Year everyone!!!

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