December 3, 2016

Playing Catch Up..

Hi peeps, I don't even know if anyone is still reading my blog or why I even bother posting this up. But just today, I realized time is flying by so fast *as usual* and I got to record memories before it all gets forgotten. So yea, before 2016 ends, I am making a resolution to write something, every other day no matter how busy I may get. I NEED to do this. And to make sure if happens, I MUST not spend too much time with each post and just type whatever comes to mind. So please ignore any bad English, grammar, etc.  

Rare moment where she falls asleep in my arms. She is so independent nowadays that she prefers sleeping on her own. 

Motherhood is amazing! Yes, it is. I know sometimes I get so tired and frustrated and just want to give up but there are times, more often than I want to admit that I look down at my little girl and whisper a prayer to God for giving me such blessings. Her little grins after giving me kisses, her cheeky smiles, the way her hands reach out for me, the way she looks at me while feeding, post nap cuddles with her... so many things that I love about her. Don't get me wrong. Motherhood is not a bed of roses and there are bad or down times too, but in this post, I am choosing to remember the good times. Will keep my frustration and rants for a different post. 

Hannah is now 13.5 months and I am 22 weeks pregnant with No.2. Oh yes, I am pregnant and although the news is out, I am posting it for the first time here. Baby No.2 is unexpected and kinda an oops moment. So the story goes like this, Rockstar and I was out for dinner with his family at a Chinese restaurant when I suddenly fell kinda sick and nausea-ish. I thought I was having tummy upset cos I have quite a weak stomach. But as dinner progresses, this tiny thought keep appearing in the back of my mind. After dinner as we were driving home couldn't ignore it and blurted out to Clement, " I think I'm pregnant. I remembered feeling like this when I was pregnant with Hannah. " To cut the long story short, we stopped by the pharmacy on the way home, bought a couple of pregnancy test and I peed on the stick. Twice. Both positive. We are still feeling overwhelmed by it and I guess it still haven't really, really sink in yet that we are going to be a parent of 2 under 2, or 2 under 1.5 to be exact. I don't wanna know. All those people who are out to give advises, help, etc, please don't. Haha.. Let me enjoy being with Hannah and pregnant for a bit longer. But if you do, I won't hold it against you. I'm just trying to stay on the boat a bit longer before leaping into the water. 

Post nap pose. Sick face cos she woke up with a flue and fever. Also a rare occasion as she seldom fall sick.. 2nd time since she was born. Thankfully she is better now. 

We are still waiting for news on Rockstar work visa application. Although things are very uncertain now and we are just waiting and waiting for news, for a green light or even a red light. Just something. But still nothing yet. So the waiting goes on. Waiting time are just the hardest, isn't it. 

I guess that's it for today. Rockstar is out watching a football match and I need to catch up on my TV series before hitting the sack. Till then.. 

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