December 14, 2016

Hannah's Update : 14 months

My baby girl is turning 14 months tomorrow!

She is growing up into such a beautiful, curious, clever, cheeky little girl. She is such a joy and blessing to people around her. [I am her mama. I get to be bias.]

Hannah and I. Taken during Rockstar's cousin wedding in Kota Bahru. 

Anyway, just some milestones and updates:

1. She is sleeping through the night. Hooray! Ever since she turned one, she has been regularly sleeping between 9-11 hours through. She occasionally wakes up, but with some shushing and patting, she usually goes back to sleep. Its been 2 months, and I'm crossing fingers it will last. She is down to 1 nap a day. She gets up about 8am, nap is between 1-5pm for about 2-3 hours. Bedtime is around 9-10pm. 

2. She eats a lot. Like 3 meals plus snacks in between. Her grandma cooks her porridge everyday and she gobbles whatever else you give her. She loves fruits, all kinds - imported, local and yes, even durians. But she quite the intelligent one. If she doesn't like something, she will shake her head and refuses to eat them. She looks at the spoon or takes a tiny bit to taste before she decides if she want to eat them. It's getting harder to outsmart her at meal times.

Hannah praying for her dinner. 

3. She can wave bye or hi at you. She just learned how to do a semi blow kiss, meaning she can put her palm to her mouth but have yet to learn how to let it fly. She has quite good hand coordination. She can pick up her puffs or food daintily and stuff them into her mouth without dropping. She can put her pointer fingers together to form a semi diamond shape. She is very good at picking small things up. Yes, that includes small pieces of unknown stuff off the floor *yucks*. She can clasp her palm together when we ask her to 'pray' but have yet to learn how to close her eyes. 

4. She can stand alone on her own but only walk supported. She loves using chairs and tables and human legs to walk around. She enjoys climbing up the stairs. She is quite the monkey, this little girl. She climbs up whatver she can like table, chairs, pillows, toys, and humans.

Little monkey trying to climb into her playpen from the bed. The first time she fell from the bed was just about a week ago. I turned my back to her to hang her towel up after her night time bath, turned back around to witness a slow motion  like slip and tumble off the bed. Besides a few minutes of drama screaming, she is all good. 

5. She is learning new word every week. Her favourite this week is mama, papa, nahnah (short for Hannah) and wahhh. She babbles only when she is in her comfort zone, like her bed or her car seat. Once in a while, I hear some new sounds coming out of her mouth and she just keeps repeating them over and over again. For example, just now right before she slept, she kept repeating "pish, pish, pish". Haha.. It's fascinating just watching her learn.

6. She is learning to express herself by shaking her head or nodding. Still not quite there yet as she still mixes them up. But she can point at things to let you know she wants something or to go somewhere. She loves going to her grandma and pointing at the door indicating she wants to go outdoors to see birds and dog.

7. She cannot dress herself yet. But she is good at pulling of her shoes and socks. She knows how to hold out a leg or hand for me to put or on remove her clothes or diapers. As for headbands, its still a love hate relationship with her. Oh well, this mama just gonna keep trying.

8. We have been trying to tell her about her new baby sibling and I don't know if its getting through. But whenever I asked her where is the baby, she will grab my shirt and pull it up. She will also give wet smacking kisses on my belly or wave hi at my belly when I ask her to say hi to the baby.

9. She is still being breastfeed. When she turned one, we were on a 2.5 weeks travel in Europe. Being on the go and outdoors means feeding time was limited. She doesn't like being under covers. So we were down to 3 times a day. But when we got home, I started getting paranoid that my baby wasn't getting enough milk aka nutrients. Pressure from family didn't help much. The stubborn me did not want to start formula just yet, so I added another feeding during the day. So we are now at 4 times - when she gets up, before her afternoon nap, after her nap and before bed time. I am not sure how long it will go on, seeing as now I am pregnant and her 6 tiny teeth are not being kind to my nipples. 

Hannah all dressed-up at Eunice sister's wedding. One hand digging for chocolates while looking at something in the distance that caught her attention. 

She loves observing and interacting with everything. She is a curious little thing and her eyes just watches everything. It's such an amazing journey to be able to experience the world through her eyes. She is growing so beautifully and I love her more every time i look at her.

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