March 14, 2013

Packing Tip : Small and Liquid Stuff

I consider myself quite a season traveller which is why something happened over the weekend that I couldn't forgive myself. I packed an overnight bag for my sister's wedding last Saturday and when I got home, I was too tired to unpack till late Sunday afternoon. Guess what? I found my entire 250ml bottle of shampoo, which I paid RM100+ for just 2 days before, emptied over half the content of my bag and soaked into the floor parquet. My heart was broken. RM100++ just when down the drain (and floor)

No. That's not my shampoo. It's just Monkey Balm that I got on my last trip to Cambodia. 

Anyway, the point is - I learn my lesson. (I hope). So here's some pointers if you are travelling or just overnighting:

1. Cap/ Seal all containers tightly before packing them.
2. Put ALL liquids into resealable plastic bags. 
3. Don't bring toiletries in their original big containers. Repack them into smaller ones. 
4. Unpack bag the soonest possible. The longer you leave in, the higher chance something might happen... or your bag will get stinkier from worn dirty clothes. 
5. Don't buy bring expensive products when you are travelling. Seriously. You'll stress less. 

Anyway, since I will be travelling tonight again. I thought it would be nice to show you how or what I packed. 

Firstly, I keep my travel toiletries all packed and ready. Since I travel quite often, its easier to just grab the whole bag and go. Secondly, I use clear resealable bags as I sometimes travel with just a hand-carry and its easier to go through customs that way.  Thirdly, I sort my toiletries into 3 different bags. 

No. 1. The Essentials. Just in case I need to freshen up on the road. Then I could just stuff this into my handbag instead of lugging my entire toiletries stash. Just simple necessary stuff like my toothbrush, toothpaste, contact lense and solution, shampoo, shower gel, deodorant, facial wash, toner & moisturiser. Of cos, essentials varies from individuals. But this is just my getup. 

No.2. The Everything Else. This is just additional toiletries that I require depending on where I visit. Things like conditioner, extra contact lenses, body lotion, mouth wash, face scrub, make-up remover, day & night cream, extra cotton pad, hairband and clips, nail file, extra tissue, a mask or two, etc. It really depends on where you travel. For eg, I am travelling outstation for my sister's wedding dinner. Since I need to dress up, I throw in a hairspray and hair oil. My last trip to Cambodia, I brought extra sunblock lotion and wet wipes. Customise it according to your destination.  

I like to put the smaller stuff into a smaller plastic bag so that it doesn't go missing in the big bag. And also, if anything ever spills, this will be an extra protection. 

No.3. The Ever Ready. Chessy? Yes. But this bag just became a staple part of my travels. I guess the older I got, the weaker my body gets. So I need pills and tablets sometimes to get me back on track, un-upset my weak stomach, and ready for the day. Normally i throw in some plasters and ointment for mozzie bites too. I got a vitamin case in Japan Daiso for only 100 yen. What I like about it is that, each case is removable. I can pack my vitamins depending on the no. of days I travel. 

Here's how I packed my jewelleries & accessories. I started doing this after one too many cases of broken accessories en route. Many lessons learn before I decided it has to stop. So here's what I do. For shorter trips, I got this tiny weave basket that fits perfectly. I planned my outfit before hand and sort my accessories according to outfit and just take them out when I dress up. If i have longer trips or carry bigger items, i currently use a box. It's not the best but its perfect for now. I don't have to worry about broken necklaces, or broken earrings, or broken headbands anymore.  

Bigger items are stash into separate bags to protect from getting tangled, broken, or scratches. My stuff has a longer life span and its easier to pack, unpack or search for when I need them. You can find them in Daiso or just sew them on your own.

Lastly, if I carry watches, I bring this slim case to protect them from scratches.

Of cos different types of traveling calls for different items to be pack, but this are some basic stuff. Sometimes, when i travel light, i just grab my jeans and t-shirts and leave my accessories and extras behind. So yup, here are my traveling tips for packing toiletries and accessories. Hope it helps. Happy traveling! :)

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