March 20, 2013

A night @ Empire Hotel Subang

I like short gateways. Its adds spice to life like water to a parched soul. -_-

 I was just housekeeping my photos when I found this folder of my not-so-recent but super short getaway. I was driving back home, way past midnight after my sister's birthday celebration when I received a call from Rockstar. He had just finish a gig at The Empire Hotel New Year Countdown Party. He told me, 'Pack your bag, we got a free room.' 

Mind you, this was almost 1+ in the morning on 1st January 2013. I know most girls would baulk at going at such a short notice because they have tons of things to pack. But I'm unlike most girls. :p  (Having ready packed toiletries helps.) All I needed was to get home, grab my ready-packed toiletries, pyjamas, a change of clothes and I am good to go. 

Here's what awaited me. 

The room was a surprised because of the layout. Perfect especially for business travellers who need a small work space away from the bed (or a place to have an overnight party). Upon entering, I found myself at a spacious area completed with sofa, desk and chair and wardrobe. Glass door hides the wardrobe from prying eyes. 

Walking further in, along a short walkway, I spotted the toilet, which also hides itself with just a slide of wooden panels. 

Toilet is big and airy and it has a rain shower. Yay! I am a sucker for rain showers. 

Bed area is a little small but the bed is size super single. My favourite part about staying in hotels are their beds. So soft and comfortable. It's especially nice when the air-con is on and I can snuggle under the warm blankets. 

Television is provided directly opposite the bed. Not sure what channels was available as we didn't use it. 

I also like the full-length glass mirror and the opposite side of the toilet, along the short walkway. 

Next morning (or just a few hours later), breakfast was satisfying. Fresh warm croissant, french toasts, pancakes, sausages, hash browns, slice bacon, omelette. That's what I had. There were others like local delights, porridge, pastries, cereal, etc. 

I love how the breakfast area/ restaurant is so bright and airy. Outside balcony faces the Federal Highway.

 This hotel is just perfect for a short weekend gateway  Why? Because Empire Shopping Gallery is just downstairs and Subang Parade is just across the road. How nice it will be to be able to shop and when you are tired, just take the lift up to rest, before continue shopping again. Bliss!

I wished I could stay longer and enjoy the hotel even more, but I had an early shopping appointment with the girls. I left the hotel reluctantly. 


Empire Hotel Subang said...

Thank you for blogging about us.

Esther Chew said...

You are welcome. Thanks for the room :)