March 12, 2013

Last dinner @ Little Heritage House

Me twinnie got married last Saturday and we celebrated her last night of single-hood with a dinner - just the immediate Chew family without the husbands. It was great. Feels like we when back to yesteryear when none of us were married yet. 

Anyway, our choice was Decanter @ Sec 17 but just a few doors away, something caught out eyes. And we ended up having dinner at a quaint little place called Little Heritage House. 

The Heritage House is a family business. Started out in antiques before the younger ones decided to explore the restaurant business. Little Heritage House - Straits Chinese Kitchen - is a Timeline concept dining experience dedicated to the revival of the Straits Chinese culture. Inspired by the rich cultured of Nyonya Cuisine, their concept is Nyonya food which kitchen is headed by an authentic Nyonya from Penang. 

Small appetizer of nuts, crunchy ikan bilis marinated well with herbs and spices giving it a very unique taste with a hint of spiciness. Some of us like it, some didn't fancy it. 

We didn't have to wait long before our food arrived. Hot, steaming, smelling absolutely delicious - Nyonya Chicken Rendang. The hardness of the potatoes did not mar the delicious broth and the chicken was cooked  to perfection. Portion was big enough for our family of 7. At the end of dinner, we even had balance broth which we requested to tapau (packed) back and our request was kindly entertained without questions. Yay! Yummy rendang to dip bread in for breakfast. 

RM28 (small)   RM38 (large)
The Jiew Hu Char, a traditional nyonya food had a slight sour tinge to it but that was because of the shrimps and mushrooms. We wrapped them up with the lettuce leaf provided, add a little special chili sauce and we are good to go. Crunchy yet squishy, I had a hard time keeping the sauce from dribbling down my chin. 

RM25 (small)     RM38 (large)

We were recommended to take the Curry Tumis Siakap Fish which was the special of the day and it did not disappoint. We all loved the sauce. Very unique, a little like asam laksa but heavier and thicker. And the portion was so big that we also tapau (packed) the balance home. So yummy!

Estimate RM60++

The Asam Prawns/ Tamarind Fried was another favourite. Big prawns, well cleaned (I am fussy like that) and marinated well. I couldn't stop licking the sauce of the prawns and my fingers. What I like about it is that even after removing the shell, the prawn still had the tamarind taste on its flesh. I am definitely going back for this. 

RM33 (small)     RM48 (large)

Dad ended the dinner with a cup of coffee which was sadly a disappointment after the delicious dinner. 

We ordered desserts to share. Clockwise from top : Pulut Hitam with Mata Kuching, Sago Gula Melaka, and Traditional Cendol 2 Red Beans. My sisters like the Pulut Hitam and Cendol but my picked would be the Sago Gula Melaka. So sweet and tasty. 

RM5 (small)     RM8 (large)

One of the owners offered us to try their home-grown mini pineapple which we did. Sweet to the extend of being honey-like, it was good. However, my mum didn't like it. 

RM4 each

Leo, one of the owners, took us on a tour upstairs. Decorated in a traditional nyonya culture, it was beautiful yet eerie at the same time (or so my sister claims). I like it. It had a modern feel yet not giving up the heritage and heirlooms of bygone times. Like stepping back into my grandmother's time with a twist. They have much bigger tables that could even sit up to 22 people. Great for mini parties. 

We had a great time and we left with a satisfied tummy and a smile. Thanks to Leo, Apple and Jensen for exceptional service and for treating us like family. We will be back. Soon. :)

Little Heritage House
- Straits Chinese Kitchen -
No.23, Ground & 1st Floor,
Jalan 17/56,
46400 Petaling Jaya

Tel no. 03-79321810
Mobile: 012-4736181 (CK Leo)

Operation Hour :
12-3pm (Lunch)
6-10pm (Dinner)

p.s. All pictures taken with my iPad Mini. 

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