November 26, 2012

Private beach & kids

Gosh!! I've been MIA for more than a week. Year end life is crazier!!!

So what have I been doing lately. After coming back from my 2nd honeymoon, I was busy settle up my new store.. yup, that's right. A new store. Sorry no pics yet. Been too busy.

Then just last week, I camped out at a private beach in the middle of Puchong. 

So exciting right? I came back home with muscle aching, flu, cough and a sprained neck. Signs of getting old :p But it was super fun and the night view is just so pretty. (*Eunice, I need those pics)

And then the big 'trip' that I've been working late nights for is...

OK la.. A nicer picture of us all... 

I'm heading off in just a few hours to Philippines for an Exposure Trip with a bunch of kids. 12 kids, 6 days, 4 different Enrolment Services, 4 classes to teach, 4 games sessions to organise, 3 different locations, 2 morning devotions to plan, 1 worship session, 1 talent time to conduct - so many things on my mind. 

So yeah, I think that's it for now. Pray for me k? 

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