November 12, 2012

a unique wedding ring

A wedding band is said to be the beginning of suffering but I beg to differ. When 2 person gets married, they have the choice of wanting wedding bands or not. Suffering does not rely on wedding bands. And contrary to traditional beliefs, yes you can have other forms of wedding bands instead or rings.

When rockstar and I were planning our wedding, we talked about it and decided that we didn't want an expensive one (so that there won't be an option to sell/pawn our rings away if we are broke :p). So we started our hunt. I didn't like any of the ones that we saw cos it was too streamlined and boring for me. I wanted something special and unique.

*really sorry I can't link it. It's been a long time and I don't remember where I got this from. If anyone knows, please let me know and I will happily give the credit bacl. 

And I finally found it. A picture of the Internet from a US website. The problem then was that it would cost a bomb to custom-made it in the US. We did then continue looking for other options but my heart was still with my 1st love.

I then searched on the possibility of locally custom-made ones. Most company turned me down, some offered something which wasn't to our liking but eventually we found our jeweler. Sofia Lee was recommended by a friend and we were very happy with her. She very nice and gave us lots of creative ideas.

So the story did end happily. I got my custom made finger print ring and a husband :) Isn't it perfect? I love it so much.

p.s. Do contact her if you want to custom made wedding bands or any jewelry. 012-7730057. Her price was slightly above our budget but it was so worth it. Don't bother looking for other company, which I made a mistake of doing. Guess what happened after I did not take their service. They stole my idea and started using it for others. I found out and confronted them. 3 emails. Nota single response. They didn't even bother to give any excuses. I won't say the name of that company as its quite a well-known one but if you are interested, drop me a mail and I will let you know.

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