January 13, 2011

virgin no more

OMG!! My legs are super tired. An aftermath from a game of laser tag at Galactic Laser. *sigh* It's only 1 game. Must be a sign of old age. Anyway, talking about age. Ka Weng's turn 21 this year.. Haha, finally someone is getting old :)

Anyway, do you remember how LOTR (Lord of the Rings) was like the "In" thing and everyone was talking about it, watching it, breathing it a couple of years back. And it was like if you didn't watch it, people will think you are some kind of weird freak from another planet..

I was one of the few special ones...

I did not watch it. I got no idea what the story is is about. Call me outdated, call me what ever you want.. I just didn't think it was such a big deal...  It's just some movie for goodness sake.. And I lived a happy life without crossing path with LOTR..

Until today..

My brother borrowed the whole series of LOTR. He's been bumming around since SPM finished, so he took the opportunity to watch it again. Hehe.. Nah, he's been working for me at the shop. Working = watching LOTR on company's computer *sshhhh* my parents will scold him if they find out..Aren't I such a nice boss? Anyway, it's been quiet since the Christmas hype is over so he's been watching Justice League * I got him hooked* and all sorts of movies at work.

And sadly, my resistance failed me. And instead of working, I ended up watching it with him *sigh*. But having said that, I'm proud to announced that I only watch the 1st movie with him... and the ending.. So now I know the starting and the ending... I know who is Aragorn, Frodo, Gandalf, Gollum, Saruman, Sauron... *claps hand*

And now that our path have finally crossed, I am no more a virgin of the LOTR..


LOTR aside. What have I been up to lately?

I'm moving out my 3Two Square outlet. Why? Our lease is up and instead of renewing it, I am looking into other options. At the moment, we will just remain 1 outlet at The Atria Shopping Centre. And will leave it to God to decide the future... So now that we are moving out, we are having SALES!!! Up to 50%.. So please, come and help me to clear my stocks :)

And Rockstar? He's gone to Bali for 4 days. And WITHOUT ME!!!! *pfftt*.. So I'm a free woman for the next 4 days... Oh wait, its only 2 more days...

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