January 10, 2011

Don't read. You'll waste your time...

Just when I thought things would slow down and be more relaxing after Christmas, something came up... This time, there is a dateline and I'm really hoping that I won't screw things up... My parents are away and I am left alone to handle it.. Well, I can't reveal it yet but will do so very shortly.. Just wait for it :)

Anyway, the days are all becoming a blur.. Day in, day out... work, work, work... Is different everyday but yet its the same... seemingly flying by so fast, not allowing me to catch my breath... It's like the 11th day of the new year.. What have I done? What have you done?

A couple of days ago, Rockstar asked God for more time. God gave it to him. He could not sleep the whole night and spend the time completing his work... It may seem funny but I guess most of us have in 1 way or another ask God for the very same thing... But beside the fact that God may cause you not to sleep for the rest of your life, have you ever wonder why do you need the extra time? Everywhere I go, and I'm guilty of it myself, I hear complains of "No time la", "I'm busy"..Well, if everyone has no time - all the time, something must be wrong... It's either our problem or God's problem - for not giving us enough time... I believe that even if God gave us 36 hours a day, we will still complain "Not enough time la"..

So since its not God's problem, I guess it falls back to us... Are we using the time given to us wisely? Maybe its time I reorganise my life and do some prioritising.. I don't want to go though 2011 complaining that I have no time.. Isn't it such a waste of time? I'm thinking now that I should cut down on my Justice League time, clicking-my-mouse-not-knowing-what-I'm-doing time, watching TV series, staring at the menu cannot make up my mind what to eat, reading how wonderful other people's life is from their blogs,  and oh so many more... Before I waste my time listing down all the items that I am wasting my time on, let me just say that I just wasting my time writing this... Crap! I don't even know what I am writing... I just started on how busy my life is and look at what it has turn into..

Before you guys waste your time reading about how I am wasting my time, I will just end here and go to sleep...

But before that, let me just say a prayer and ask God, not for more time, but ask for wisdom to spend my time wisely..


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