February 7, 2016

Week #5

Where has time gone? It's already February and I still feel like I am back in 2015. Being a mother of a 3 1/2 month old baby still feed so surreal. 

It's been another kinda normal week. Things seems to be harder as Hannah is turning into quite a fussy baby. She prefers me over Rockstar (I guess it's normal for most babies to want their mum) but considering that her choice is only either Rockstar or me, it's getting pretty tiring. If only I was back home in Malaysia. There will be so many people who are ready to take her of my arms. 

Tummy time

Anyway, a normal day would start with her waking up, I'll feed her and change her before having my own breakfast. Then it's some play time and tummy time before its her morning nap time. On a good day, she falls asleep easily. But it still takes lots of rocking and patting to get her to fall asleep. If I'm pretty tired, I'll take a nap with her asleep on me. If not, into the sling she goes and I'll putter around the house, cleaning or doing the laundry. When she wakes up, I'll feed her again before putting her into her swing while I prepare and have my lunch. Then it's afternoon nap. Lately she refuses to sleep on her own so I have to carry her around in the sling. And if I'm lucky, she naps for at least an hour. This is when I get to do some work. I'll wake her around 4pm and if she's hungry, I'll feed her. If not, we'll take a walk and spend some time outdoors. We get home before the sun sets and I'll feed her and put her in the sling for her evening nap while I prepare and cook dinner. I'll wake her around 7pm and then put her down in her chair while Rockstar and I have or dinner. He'll spend some time with her while I clean the kitchen and wash the dishes. Then it's time for my shower before I bath her. After bathing, it's feeding and 'putting' her to bed. So yeps, that's pretty much a day in a nutshell. 

Taken during one of our walks

Bedtime is a another story. It'll usually take about 2hrs from the time I bath her till she falls asleep. She still wakes up 2-3 times on a good night. There was a period of time when bedtime took less than ab hour and she slept for at least 5 hours. Those seems to be distance memories. Any advice on how to get her to sleep longer? 

Fingers are yummy

On a bright side, she is growing up so fast. Thumb sucking is her thing now as she have learned to push her thumb into her mouth instead of her fist. She laugh even more this week. I'm still figuring out more ways to make her laugh. She have learned to grab at things like her toys and my glasses. Oh, and I have transition her out of her swaddle. She was kicking and moving too much in it. 

Her pitiful face with its red patches

Her cradle cap have not gone away and she still have eczema flare ups. And with her drooling, the rashes have intensify around her mouth area. Really wish there is something else I can do to make things better for her. 

Drool alert @ The Living Desert 

Another highlight of this week was visiting the zoo. Hannah's first ever zoo experience. Will share more in another post. 

How have your week been? 

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