February 16, 2016

my valentine

Balloons on sale at the store

Valentine's weekend just passed. And I'm embarrass to admit that ever since becoming a mama, all lovey dovey stuff have gone out the window. I know people say to keep the romance alive after the kids come but it is hard when you have a 4 month old baby and we are all alone with no one to help out. I doubt the next door 40 year old biker dude will be a likely baby sitting candidate. 

Field of yellow flowers outside Redlands Thrift Store

Anyway, I haven't given much thought to this Valentines Day being so busy with Hannah. But Rockstar surprised me with chocolates while I was still in bed. And then we spend a weekend thrift shopping. The best part, he drove me everywhere and never said a word when I went in and out fitting rooms in various thrift shops. 

Sleeping beauty

And we had a mini adventure at San Bernardino and a McDonald's picnic under a big shady tree while Hannah slept in her car seat. I am a sucker for McChicken. Since it was a Sunday, San Bernardino was practically a dead town with just a couple of pedestrains and homeless people on the street. But nonetheless, it was fun exploring a new city.

San Bernardino Justice Center

We ended the weekend with homecooked steak at home. Just us 3. We have come a long way from a romantic dinner for two but I would not change a thing. Looking forward to many more valentine celebration together.

Sunset in LA

Goodnight LA.

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