November 16, 2015

Tummy time

Last night, she rolled over.. *fist pump*. After feeding her, I put her on her back on the bed beside me as I read a book. Next thing I knew, she has flipped over onto her tummy. And as I watch her, she turned her neck twice. It may just be a 1 time coincident but says it may take 5-6 months for a baby to flip over from back to front. But who cares, I sure am a proud mama today.. 

don't do a lot of tummy time. Or at least I try too. But with the constant feeding and sleeping, there isn't much left for playtime. I can count with 1 hand the number of times I put her on her tummy this first month. But the days gets much easier now. I believe we both have come to some sort of an understanding of each other. I am so looking forward to more tummy time and playtime wit her. 

She is getting more alert lately.. Just opening her eyes wide and staring at things. She has not yet learn to react to sounds but I'm pretty sure it will be soon. She likes looking at shadows and lights, and playing games with daddy. 

Loving every minute spend with her. (Yes, even those 3am wake up calls) 

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