November 15, 2015

Turning 1 month old

Oh gosh.. Time does fly. It feels like it's just yesterday when I brought home a tiny wee human being, yet at the same time, everything feels like a lifetime ago. I feel like I've aged so much and learn so much since then. 

1 week old 
As I'm typing this out, I'm holding her in my arms as she suckles at my boobs. Breastfeeding is a such an experience which I will leave for another story. I watch her grow and her tiny wiggly legs and arms have filled out. Not yet into chubby rolls but it's on it's way there. Her newborn cry have turn into a louder, more intense cry. But she mostly only cries when she is hungry and doesn't get her food fast enough. Her eating habits are not yet define, as she still feeds on instinct and demand. 

Amazing swaddle from Love to Dream 

could watch her all day. Awake, she is animated and alert, with her own tiny expressions and in awe as she discovers the world. Sleeping or half asleep, she has her own quips and mannerism. She is developing her own sound, expressions, and actions that is so her own. She's likes to be hold most of the time. She sleep best when she is in my arms.

Catching an afternoon nap when the baby sleeps
Being her mum feels like an adventure. From the feeding, to the diaper blowouts, to bathing and more. Everyday is different. But I am still learning and beginning to slightly adjust to our new normal again. 

She's almost done feeding.. I hope. Or at least done for maybe the next 20mins before she starts looking for the boobs again. 

3 weeks old...
I'll check in again whenever I can.. Hopefully soon as I would really like to record everything down to remember.

Happy 1 month old baby girl! Mummy loves you more each day. 

Till then... 

*p.s. All photos are mine and are not to be used without permission. Thanks :) 

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