June 20, 2014

Weekend Read-spiration : Exploring Malaysia

So for the next segment of Read-spiration, I bring to you my beloved country - Malaysia.

So go ahead, read up on what this beautiful country have to offer.

Top : Durian Lamington. Bottom : Nasi Lemak Gelato
If the topic have not gotten your attention, what about the sound of Durian Lamington or Nasi Lemak Gelato? Some might cringe at the weird concoction it evoke, but then, you are in Malaysia. Where else can you get stuff like these?

Top : Tiga Island a.k.a. Survivors Island. Bottom : Rawa Island.
Oh the feelings those images above evoke... Such beauty, so untouched. I can wait to sink my toes into those white sand and warm waters. 

Top left : Awanmulan. Top right : Skeping Serendah.
Bottom :  The Dusun.
So many possibilities.. from beaches to jungle hideaway. Malaysia is such a hidden paradise. 

Reading No. 4 : Exploring Penang

Being a Malaysian and a traveller, I am ashamed to admit that I have not really explored Penang yet. Most of the time, a trip to Penang would just mean an overindulge on food. Maybe its time to head up and explore Penang. After all, a visit to the Fruit Farm or lounging on a rooftop sounds fun. 

And yes, it took another fellow travel blogger to make me realize that Penang have so much to offer. Check out the street art!! I've seen pictures of them popping up all over my Facebook wall but some of the art above are so hidden that they are seldom found.  Time for some treasure hunting!!

Reading No.6 : Tofu Cafe Bed & Bikes

OK. I lied. Reading No.6 is not actually a read-spiration. However, this tiny bed and breakfast in the historical part of Penang evokes a sense of adventure in me. From the bikes they offer to the little capsule space, and the food... ohmwgash... scrambled eggs and toasts,  Sun Kissed Caramel Latte Frappe, homemade soups... I so wanna make a trip there. Any takes?? 

Happy Reading (and dreaming) !!

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