June 17, 2014

Tokyo : People Watching People Crossing Shinjuku Crossing

Shinjuku Crossing is a known landmark in Japan and a must visit for every visitor to Tokyo. On my first visit there, I was struck stunned by the massive amount of people. No matter how many times the road cleared, there were still people waiting to cross the street. Standing there watching people go by reminds me of a video tape on rewind. 

So when we given tour guide duties by Lydia & Edwin, we knew this was top on our list. We were not wrong, they were equally stunned by the huge number of people. One of the best spot to watch is the Starbucks located just right below the big screen. A few mugs of coffee in our hands and we were set for people watching. 

Streams of never-ending people provided an opportunity to practice my spy detective skills. Whereas my skills falls within the category of fashion spy (photos are on www.doubleescapades.blogspot.com), I did notice that there were quite a number of people doing weird things. Yup, the guy below is one of them... 

But he wasn't the only one. The guy in sky blue and red pants below, struck a pose right before the lights turned green and then proceeded to sprint in a crazy manner across a cleared road, barely missing the taxi that ran a yellow light.  

And then this superhero was spotted during some kung fu moves as he slink ed around the moving crowd. Some just ignore him and continue in the direction they were heading Some stopped to laugh and snap some pictures.

What other crazy/ weird things have you seen or caught on camera at Shinjuku Crossing? 

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