January 9, 2014

Kyoto, Japan - Teramachi Street

I had the opportunity to visit Kyoto a few months back. Unlike Osaka and Tokyo, Kyoto manages to still retain its old town charm - laid back and quaint. One of the tourist spot is the Teramachi Street, an covered shopping street. This is also where the fame Nishiki Market is located. 

What quite a number of people do not know is that Teramachi Street continues, uncovered, up north. Since Rockstar and I  wanted to visit the Imperial Palace Gardens, we decided to walk instead of taking the train. And I'm glad we did... North of Teramachi Street holds tiny quiet streets, quirky little shops, and just everything old. We spotted old folks going about their daily lives, locals cycling around, kids running along the street unaccompanied after school. Whats so exciting is that everything is just so normal and quiet, and i felt like I've fallen into a different time zone. 

Beautiful colours along the main road

An old lady walked passed as I snapped a picture of the bookstore

Straight, peaceful streets

All sorts of wares and treasures to be found

Bicycles parked outside what seems to be an antique/ thrift/ junk store

Another quirky shop selling knick knacks and tribal wares
This store sheltered us from the rain. How I wished their beautiful accessories weren't so darn expensive.  
This is the covered shopping street of Teramachi. See the vast differences? Modern and new with lots of brands, convenience stores and hawkers. If I have to take my pick, I'll choose the north side of Teramchi as a must visit. Oh well, both is good, just different. But if the weather is good, take a stroll up Teramachi Street. You'll find yourself experiencing more of what Kyoto has to offer. 

Covered shopping street of Teramachi

Another angle to the street. Black and white. 

Lot's of people. Lots of eye candy. 

An entertainment outlet on Teramachi Street

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