February 17, 2013

Bargain Hunting in Singapore

Just a week ago, Rockstar had to travel to Singapore for work. I took this as an opportunity to go with him for some work cum shopping trip. We spend our nights in Johor as we could get cheaper and better options. 

We drove into Singapore via the Tuas link which cost us RM7.50 for the toll but so worth it. It was a breeze. Hardly an traffic and no queue. We parked at the Peninsular/Funan Shopping Center as the parking was one of the cheapest. And then with just my trusty google map and some directions from Rockstar, we separated - he to work, me to shop and sight-see.

I passed by some important building. I think its a musuem or sort.

Then then just around the corner, I spotted this quaint little building with such a peaceful atmosphere. Like a swan gracefully floating/sitting in a pond. It's an Amish Church (Armenian Church). I didn't get to go inside as there was some shooting going on with a couple dressed up in anime fashion. But I did like the white washed building - so white, so pristine, so pure. 

Walking along Victoria Street - I spotted another church. St. Joseph's Church. 

Since everyone who comes to Singapore goes to Orchard Road, I didn't want to follow the crowd and instead headed towards Bugis Street. 15 - 20 mins walk later, I arrived at Bugis+. It's a new mall, not unlike any malls in Kuala Lumpur or Petaling Jaya, but I did get some good buys. 

I walked across the bridge to Bugis Junction. Bugis Junction is just directly opposite the road to Bugis+ and is slightly upmarket compared to Bugis+. It's a very friendly mall with both indoors and outdoor shopping experience. 

Finally, Bugis Street. Very similar to Kuala Lumpur's Petaling Street with small shops, messy atmosphere, lights but with way better air-ventilation and walkways. There were some sections which had air-conditioning too. Oh, and its wayyyy cleaner. You could get all sorts of things there and surprisingly, it was reasonably priced. 

Lunch was at the Albert Center Food Court. I had a big bowl of Fish Ball Noodles which only cost me SGD2.50 and a shy old lady for my lunch companion. She had come to pray at a temple nearby and stopped here for a meal as well. 

About 4 hours later, I hurried to meet Rockstar at where we separated. I passed by the Raffles Hotel and spotted some tourists busily snapping pictures. I went to kepo (busybody) and snapped a picture too.. :)

I kinda lost my way a bit as my Ipad battery died but it gave me an opportunity to sight-see a little bit more. 

All in all, in the 4 hours of shopping and sight-seeing; I got myself 4 necklaces, 12 pairs of earrings and 1 bracelet which cost me 29 SGD in total. I think I've just proven it wrong that Singapore is expensive. Bargain buys like this makes me happy. Can't wait for another trip to down to Singapore. 

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