January 20, 2013

Bridal Shower No.2

I was just looking through my photos and realized I didn't post pictures from my 2nd bridal shower yet. So here's what happened. 

A tea party with my cousin sisters, aunties, and some close friends. Lydia planed and coordinated everything - decoration, food, invitation, presents. 

Mushroom Salad, Tuna & Egg Sandwich, Onion Rings, Tuna Cheese Crackers, Hokaiddo Cake & Japanese Jellies

Since its a tea party, we cannot not have tea right? With 6 different types of tea, we all could pick and choose our favourites and even try new ones. Lydia also had a brilliant but sinful idea to have ice cream, topped with almond, nuts flakes and caramel sauce. Absolutely delish!!

After food, we moved on to the gifts session. Everyone brought gifts which are house related. I received pot, pan, cups, kettle, plates, multi-cooker, towels, apron, lamp and spa stuff. Just enough to start my kitchen and more. And then everyone shared some wishes and advice. 

Since everyone was so nice to bring me gifts, I decided to give them something small in appreciation. Everyone left with a rose compact mirror which I was lucky to to get in my wedding theme colours. 

Having a tea party beats having a bachelorette party any time  It's simple, meaningful and I feel so love. Thanks Lydia for everything... and to my mum, sisters, aunties, cousin sisters, and friends, thank you for your presents and advices/ wishes. Love you ladies much... :) 

* Event happened a few months back on 9th September 2012. 

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