January 26, 2013

24hours in Kota Bahru

Just last week, Rockstar and I took a last minute flight to Kota Bahru. Initial plan was to go visit his Popo who was in the hospital but that trip turned out too late. We arrived just in time to attend the funeral. 

Here's where we stayed, for just 1 night. Crystal Lodge is located on Jalan Che Su... OK, I got no idea where that is. We stayed in Tune Hotel (which I actually prefers) the last few times. The reason why we choose this place was the close proximity to the funeral parlour. 

The room was old, gloomy with yellowish lighting, smelling a little musty and the noises from the street below could be heard clearly through the window gap. But thankfully the sheets were clean and the toilets newly renovated with amazing fast-drying tiles and the shower wasn't far behind. 

However, the breakfast was quite good. They had a fusion choice of either kelantanese or western. I didn't managed to take any pictures as I was too busy eating the nasi dagang with chicken and prawns. 

Verdict : We were out most of the time so this place was just right for showers and a night sleep. For the price of only RM114 for a standard double room, with free wifi, 25 TV channels and breakfast for two, its's hard to find another place that could beat that price and offered all that. 

Additional : I also heard that the coffee shop opposite provides a mean roti bakar and kopi. Didn't get a chance to try it though. :(


After the funeral, we all headed for Thai food, seeing that we were so close to the Thai border. 

Restoran Payang Serai, Jalan Dusun Raja, Kot Bahru

Nothing much to shout about the deco. Just simple white walls and plastic chairs. 

Tom Yum was absolutely delicious - just the right amount of flavour and the spiciness level was just right. Enough to make me sweat a little, yet enjoying each spoonful of yummy soup. 

Hot plate taufu had a slight different taste to it. The broth was a little bit thicker as compare to chinese style but overall a good comfortable dish. 

Sweet sour fish was not that good. Hard and crispy but without much flesh for us to enjoy it. 

Mango papaya kerabu was average. The slices tasted ok but overall, there was no ummph to the whole dish.

Vegetable. Didn't try :)

Fried crispy beef. Yummy!!! Crunchy, crispy and tasty. I can't remember what sauce it was but it was brown and slightly sticky. I wish we had more of it. 

Chicken in cream sauce, I think. Chicken was kinda dry but the sauce was creamy and slightly sourish. I think there was some mango added in. But overall, a good combination. 

Verdict : Some hit and misses. I've tasted better Thai food elsewhere. Just an OK place for Thai food.  

We touch down at about 4pm, headed to KB Mall for some shopping, back to hotel to shower before attending memorial service, slept about 2am. Woke up early for breakfast, went for funeral service, followed by burial, lunch, back to hotel for a quick shower before heading to the airport. 

Sorry we couldn't see you one last time. We will miss you, Popo. 

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