February 13, 2011

Two-Eye Monsters

I like babies and kids. Erm... except when they become total brats, that's when I feel like smacking them. But I don't blame them. I believe its mostly their parents fault.

Anyway, I have taken over the Pre-Junior section as there were no one else. And yes, even though its adding on to my current responsibilities, I do enjoy teaching. And I believe I can brainwash make a difference in their lives. I have 7 kids. 3 of them are 8 years old and 4 of them, 7 years old. They are super cute but absolutely naughty. Especially the boys.

Last week. I did some craft with them. And since it was CNY, i decided to get them to decorate their own mandarin oranges, copying the idea from my twin who did it last year. *She was given some stickers from Leo Burnett CNY greeting card. Since I didn't have stickers, i used papers and glue. It was fun for them. Not fun for me. I had to keep cutting stuff for them since they don't have scissors. Imagine getting request such as , "Mdm, I want blue eyes. Like this shape." with their hands trying to form some weird shape. Or "Mdm, I wan a nose. I want a nose. Mdm, faster, cut for me nose." or "Mdm, I want a pink colour hairband". You tell me, how to cut a hairband for an orange???

There was this naughty boy, who keep running around the class shouting, "Teacher, I got no scissor. Teacher, I got no scissor. Teacher, I got no scissor. Teacher, I got no scissor. Teacher, I got no scissor. Teacher, I got no scissor. Teacher, I got no scissor. Teacher, I got no scissor. Teacher, I got no scissor..... I think you get what I trying to say.... for the whole time. Finally, at the last few minutes, after being threatened by me. He stood and stuck on some papers and thus created a One-Eye Orange Monster.

Can you see the heart shape eyes? And the hairbands and earrings? And oh, the One-Eye Orange Monster?

Cute right?

Yesterday, we had another class. And since most of them are new, I decided to teach them the Boys' Brigade songs ; BB Vesper and Anchor Song. I search for the music and the lyrics and printed them out. Guess what happened when I enter class? NONE OF THEM COULD READ. Ok, actually 2 of them could. The rest just mumble their way through the song, while holding on to the lyrics, pretending they were in some show choir or something.

Sigh!!! What should I do with them?

At the end of class, one girl approach me shyly and said, "Mdm, I'm still keeping my orange". Awwww.... *heart melts*


Eunice said...

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want a purple headphones and red sunglasses for my orange mdm...... and and ! can i have star shaped lenses for the sunglases ???!?! pwettyy pweaaseeeee =D

Esther Chew said...

No..*smack*smack*smack*.. notty girl..