February 24, 2011

My Best Friend's Wedding..

I remembered the time when Tim left for Melbourne to further his studies. I kept promising that I will come over to visit him. And I did mean too. But year after year, studies were in the way and then work came along. Little did I know that 7 years later, I will finally make it to Melbourne…. for his wedding…

Time really did fly. I still remember him as a tall, long hands, long legs, skinny guy, not forgetting also.. a super fussy guy who went through teens with me. Studies, crushes, camps, rebellious stage * he, not me :) .. actually no.. we were such goody people*, exams, comparing results, driving license, work, college… Maybe the fact that both our families were close brought us together. We started out as church friends, friends, family friends to being best friends. And yes, I do believe that people of the opposite sex can be best friends.

Sadly, we drifted apart during college years. Its his fault… who asked him to go so far away :) Anyway, the distance, the different lives that we lived made that change possible.

And as usual, you’ll never know what he will do next. From changing his degree, to his working life to his many different businesses… from a girl in church, to a trip up the mountain, to finally opening up his heart to care for someone else besides himself….to talking about diamond rings.. and finally..


He is getting married this Sunday to a really cool girl.. And yes, I can finally say, he has found his match… Someone who can stand up to his egoism, his sarcasm, his drive to achieve his dream… Ewnice, if he ever work too hard, give him a wack and pull him back to the real world k :p

And even thought we’ve drifted apart, I still consider him as one of my best friend… I remembered him as a boy… but he is now a man…a soon-to-be married man..

Congratulations to Tim and Ewnice… My prayers will always be with you… Tim, love her with your all… and Ewnice, behind every great man, there is an even greater woman :)

Gosh… weddings are making me so emo…


Ewnice said...

read this exactly a year later from our wedding!

so true what u said abt my boy

shall wack him soon


Esther Chew said...