January 18, 2016

Outing @ The Asian American Expo

Nong Shims.... yums!
Indoor booth
Hannah sleeping soundly amidst all the noise
Outdoor booth
Double story carousel. Kiasu to the max ;p
Street food booths
Hannah sleeping soundly amidst all the noise
Outdoor Korean BBQ 
Hannah's wave

Some friends wanted to attend the Asian American Expo, so Rockstar and I decided to tag along. It was a surprise as we did not expect such crowd. There were many booths and stores lined up both indoors and outdoors. But truth be told, we felt like we were in China. Every other chinese in Los Angeles seem to be there with their grandmothers and their entire family. Some even brought along trolleys to cart their purchases. It was so crowded and there were queues almost everywhere. Hannah slept through most of it. Must be the rocking of the stoller that got her so sleepy. I did managed to sneak in a feeding but she was so distracted by the sound and noises around. Oh, and she pooped twice. But we did get to try lots of samples and had some street food for lunch. We left after couple of hours but not before buying 2 packets of Malaysian Ibumie Har Mee. Let's hope it will taste like back home. 

It's been a tiring day. Bed time for everyone.

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