May 30, 2014

Tokyo : Yoyogi Park, Meiji Shrine & Harajuku

Hello! So on Day 1 of Edwin & Lydia's arrival, we headed to Harajuku for the Sunday Dress Up at Yoyogi Park. Crazy amount of people at the Harajuku Train Station. This area seems to be a very popular spot with both tourists and locals. We decided to start with Meiji Shrine before the day gets hotter. 

Yoyogi Park was a little quieter compared to the hustle and bustle of the main streets. But there were still crowds of people heading, like metal drawn to a magnet, towards Meiji Shrine. We started down the pebblestone lined path, enjoying the coolness of the air under the shadows of the huge trees. 

We are not so into shrines and temples but since Meiji Jingu Shrine is one of the most popular shrines in Japan, we decided we had to visit it. We found a quiet, cool spot and spend some time people watching.  We spotted crowds of other tourists making offerings, buying charms and writing out wishes. There were a lot of locals also getting their blessings, having traditional Shinto weddings and some baby dedications. Japanese babies and kids are super adorable!! 

I love this picture. I took this as we left Meiji Shrine and headed back towards Harajuku. The tall trees and gloominess makes it feel like we are in a magical forest, doesn't it? 

Finally, Harajuku!!! Check out all the 'semut-semuts'.. Harajuku is a mix of young, crazily dressed hipsters and excited wide-eyes tourists. We stopped for lunch at a hole in the wall cafe. Cheap, yummy ramen with tempuras. It started drizzling when we came out, so Lydia & I popped into the huge Daiso for some shopping while the guys ogled at some Japanese chicks at McDonald's. We also did try the fame Harajuku crepe which cost quite a bomb but was delicious. 

The day was getting darker as we escaped the Takeshita-dori street and walked down Omotesando towards Shinjuku. We wanted to catch the Shinjuku Street Crossing before it turned darker. I love the walk from Omotesando towards Shinjuku. So many interesting and pretty things to see. If you have the time, MUST do the walk. 

OK. Crazy Shinjuku Crossing photos in the next post :)

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