April 28, 2014

Stuck in Kota Kinabalu

Hello hello! I'm blogging from the hot city of Kota Kinabalu. I am here for a few days for The Boys' Brigade of Malaysia 50th Brigade Council Meeting. Just last night, my bags were packed, and I was looking forward to be back in Kuala Lumpur by now but things took a turned. I checked my flight itinerary and found out that my flight is actually tomorrow morning instead of this morning.

So here we are, stuck in the Kota Kinabalu for another day with no accommodation. We didn't want to stay another night at our current hotel because the hotel is charging us a much higher price than the first night. That's when having internet connection really helped. We checked out, walked the short distance to another hotel and am now waiting for the room to be ready.

This is my 2nd time here. It's crazy hot and humid. Nothing much to do if you don't go to the island or climb Mt. Kinabalu. There is a few malls, some markets and that's about it. Any locals have any recommendations on what to do? We have tried seafood, bak kut teh, Chinese, western, Indian, Malay food.. Gone to all the malls, walked Gaya Street, Handicraft and Philippino Market... We only have today left. Flight is early tomorrow morning... Any must do or must see? 

Ok. Room is ready.. 

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