November 28, 2013

Los Angeles : Manhattan Beach

Cyclist and the pier

Rockstar and I had one last day in US before we fly off. And since we only had a few hours left after flying in from New York and checking into the hotel, we decided to catch the tram to Manhattan Beach. The Manhattan Beach tram goes in a loop and stops at most major hotels along the LAX Airport area. 

It's beautiful there. There were significantly less people then at Santa Monica Beach, more residential then touristy. I love the beach houses that lines up along the entire beach. Such a beautiful place for a getaway or retirement. 

Life Guard Station at the start of the pier

Beach Volleyball courts. So many of them. 

Manhattan Beach Pier. Perfect for romantic walks and seagulls watching

Road leading to the pier. Just like the movies.

Check out the numbers of seagulls. Crazy a lot!

There were so many seagulls. Hundreds of them. And when one flies up and the rest follow, its such a sight to see. Like they were dancing. But we were remindered not to feed them, as feeding them causing overpopulation, which will bring harm to the marine life. 

Waves. Long waves as far as the eyes can see. 

Cutesy cafe at the end of the pier. 

I want one of those beach houses. Isn't it perfect? 

Seagull. So tame and photogenic.

View from top of street leading down to the pier. I stopped in the middle of the road to capture this. Isn't it beautiful? 
Sunset shadow of Rockstar and I , holding hands, together. 
We spend quite a bit of time just enjoying the view and letting the sea wind play with our hair. We left when the cold finally chased us away. Such a perfect end to an amazing trip. Thanks Rockstar, for making my 1st time in US so memorable and ah-ma-zing!!!

Manhattan Beach shopping mall
p.s. All photos taken with iPhone 5s

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