May 8, 2013

Now everyone can travel...

Malaysian Airlines was having a super duper cheap sales 2 days ago and Rockstar and I managed to get tickets to Osaka, Japan for only RM 378/return flight for 2 pax. That's RM189 per person with MAS. We also managed to get flights to Los Angeles for RM 3178 return flight for 2 person, which amounts to only RM 1589 per person. Woohoo!! This will be my first time to USA. Feeling so excited already.

Anyway, the reason for this post is that, most, if not majority of my friends thinks that I am super duper rich for being able to travel so much. Even though I wish that to be true, fact is, I am not. I don't have a secret money tree planted at the back of my house, or a secret treasure cave hidden somewhere. I don't earn big bucks with my business and I struggle most of the time covering costs. So question is, "How do I travel so frequently?".

Here's how I do it.

Firstly, most of my meagre income goes to travelling. I cut down on expensive food (as per my corporate days) and hawker center food became a daily routine. I drink plain water. I spend less on petrol and toll as I work from home half the time. I don't spend much on clothing, cosmetics, etc.

Secondly, I stay with my in-laws. Which means, no rental or bank loan every month. No bills, no household expenses. This amounts to a lot. I know I know, we will have to look into our own place soon, but for now, I value my traveling experiences.

Thirdly, the most important aspect, is that Rockstar and my schedule is flexible. We can travel whenever we want to. (Other than my commitment to Boys' Brigade every Saturday). We scoured around for cheap flights (as shown above), we travel on weekdays, we travel during non-peak season. This all counts in reducing travelling costs.

Of cos having a supportive husband helps a lot :) but most of the time, we travel light and simple.

It's actually very easy and affordable, more so now with the budget airlines, competition among airlines, and easy access to the world wide web; for us to be able to look for good deals and prices.

So since I'm nice ;p , I'm going to list down some of my expenditure for a few of my previous trips, just to prove that travelling is not that expensive after all.

*chup* let me go dig my records first.

OK. Here goes. 

Siam Reap, Cambodia 4D3N (February 2013)

Flight                                                           RM 700
Accommodation                                          RM 471
Food & Beverages                               RM 237
Land Transport                                            RM 62
Tourist Attractions                                       RM 237
Others (shopping, gifts, souvenirs, etc)          RM 133

Total expenses                                             RM 1840/2 = RM 920 each for Rockstar & I

Hat Yai, Thailand 3D4N (January 2013)

Train ticket (sleeper bunk)                           RM 100
Accommodation                                          RM 50 (twin sharing)
Food & Beverages                               RM 59
Others (shopping, gifts, souvenirs, etc)         RM 235

Total expenses                                            RM 444 for just me

*if you minus all the shopping, its not that much

And for those who say that Japan is way too expensive, here's an eye opener. We traveled from Tokyo to Osaka and then back to Tokyo. We ate non-stop. We stayed in decent hotels (eg. Best Western). It's actually a very doable place to visit. 

Osaka & Tokyo, Japan Trip 6D6N (November 2013)

Flight                                                          RM 1830
Japan Rail Pass                                           RM 2220 
Accommodation                                         RM 1207
Food & Beverages                              RM 607
Transport (not including Japan Rail Pass)     RM 77
Tourist Attractions                                      RM 138
Others (shopping, gifts, souvenirs, etc)        RM 273

Total expenses                                            RM6352/2 = RM 3176 each for Rockstar & I

So are you convinced yet that travelling is not that expensive after all? Start saving now, a little goes a long way. I wish you all the best as you go on trips. Take the first step and don't look back. 

Stay tuned for more travel experiences. I have Cambodia, Philippines, Paris to blog about..

...and another 4 overseas trip to look forward this year!!! 


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